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Resemble AI’s Latest Venture – Resemble Clone

Resemble AI’s technology is not a novel idea. Rivals such as iSpeech, Modulate and Respeecher already offer voice cloning tools. Firstminute investor Clara Lindh Bergendorff has a stake in the company, and she participated in its $2 million seed round. DeepSync, a Bengaluru-based startup, is another similar startup that offers voice cloning tools.

Its latest product, Resemble Clone, targets the entertainment industry with high-quality synthetic AI voices. Its technology can generate natural-sounding voices in over 50 languages. The platform also features an audio editor and lets users customize the voices of their virtual characters. Resemble is similar to Lyrebird, which was acquired by Andrew Mason’s Descript in September. The technology used cloud-hosted algorithmic models and bespoke digital voice profiles to generate synthetic voices.

The software is highly accurate, thanks to the company’s proprietary AI models. It is also compatible with TTS and real-time APIs, making it suitable for use in video games and other media. Resemble AI also provides broadcast-quality audio and supports 44 kHz. Ultimately, its AI-powered voice technology will help people understand what they’re hearing and make decisions based on that. With such advancements, it is possible to bring AI to our lives and improve our lives.

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