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Reviewing the HOA Packet Before You Purchase a Home

If you’re considering purchasing a new home, you may have already received a copy of the HOA packet. Before you purchase a new home, however, it is essential that you review the documents. It is possible that you’ll find confusing language in the disclosure packet, or the governing documents are unclear or vague. To avoid this, ask the HOA president or board members about their responsibilities. This can be an excellent way to learn more about the rules and regulations that govern your community.

The HOA packet should include information about the board of directors, its board members, and any committee chairpersons. These details will make it easier to communicate with the board members and request certain services or information. Likewise, it should contain information regarding amenities and operating hours. A good packet will include a list of important contacts. It is important to include the names and phone numbers of any preferred vendors and utilities. The document should also list rules and regulations for the use of facilities and amenities.

Before purchasing a home, it is important to review the HOA packet. An HOA packet should have all of the governing documents for the community, including the By-Laws and Covenants. Although most HOA communities share the same basic rules, some are more specific to the community. For example, you may find leash requirements for dogs or quiet hours. You may also find uncommon rules regarding the use of common amenities.

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