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Types of Water Filter Cartridges

Depending on the contaminants that your tap water contains, you may need different types of water filter cartridges. Sediment filters, for example, are designed to remove sand, dirt, and rust particles from the water. A carbon filter will reduce chlorine, while a multistage filtration system will remove both sediment and chemical contaminants. Each of these types of filters topportal has its advantages, and they are available at varying price points.

There are two main types of water filter cartridges available: name brand replacements and OEM replacements. The former is the most expensive option, while the latter may not perform as well. OEM replacements are cheaper, but may void your warranty. Make sure to compare product specifications before buying. You can also learn about regional market trends by reading the report. Detailed regional analysis is provided to help you choose the right water filter cartridge for your needs.

When purchasing water filter cartridges, pay special attention to the lifespan of the filter media. Different filter manufacturers give their customers insight into the lifespan of their filter media. Be sure to read the specifications on the packaging of water filter cartridges. Some filters are designed to reduce bacteria, sediment, and colloids. Other types reduce heavy metals and pesticides, so you should be aware of the type of cartridge you choose. These filters are ideal for point of use webtoon systems and whole house installations.

While sediment filter cartridges are the most popular type, they can also be used in standalone systems. Sediment filters can be used as a pre-filter stage before a full house water filtration system. Typically, depth filters are constructed of melt-blown string, which allows them to gradually remove smaller particles as water passes through. Compared to surface filters, depth filters tend to last longer. However, they are more expensive.

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